Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Entry #10, An experimental J-Rock duo...

Bit of a short one today, but I do need to get things up here. Even if people don't read it much it's more for me than anything...=3 just people have the option to follow.

But, it appears being in school has impacted my ability to really remember dreams. It's very odd. I considered myself quite good at remembering until I started this thing, I only actually remember 2-3 things a week, and of that only 1 or 2 would be worth posting here.

Anyway, let'su go!

So it starts off and I'm in this apartment, I'm watching this drummer and his girlfriend. They're both Japanese and doing some experimental J-Rock thing. I watch them for a bit until they finish the set then they start asking me how it was and stuff, and they're very curious about what I thought, etc.,

I tell them it was great, and they're glad. I'm invited to the after party. When the guy (drummer) leaves, I'm left alone with the girl. She starts crying and confides in me she is worried he's taking too many drugs. I try to calm her down and tell her she shouldn't worry so much, etc., she says I'm right, and we get up and go to the party.

This party was very strange, there were a lot of friends from Finland there. We were hanging out and laughing and just having a good time. There were some other strange things going on such as me using the sauna and then not being able to find a towel...but yeah I don't remember in much detail.

That's all for now :3c


  1. I bet there is some deep meaning behind being unable to find a towel. I bet that deep meaning is also absolute rubbish.