Thursday, September 15, 2011

Entry #9, Fragments of post-apocalyptic scenes.

Today's post will be a bit short...I don't remember too much from this since I was woken up in a bit of an untimely manner, but I decided even if I remembered a bit I should document it. This dream is really in two parts but due to sparse details I may just move from one scene to the next without really separating things.
I don't really know why I put this pic here, but I feel like it so there!

The Dream
I'm in a vast field of ice...playing league of legends...sort of. Instead of controlling a character, I am a character, and on this field there are multiple others coming to kill me. I guess my dream-self holds my skills in high regard though because I owned the...dream players like they were noobs =x Maybe they don't read patch notes?

It's sketchy here what exactly happened, I have memories of diving off ice cliffs into water to get away from attacks...bunch of random things. I can only say one thing happened for sure, and this goes into our next "part", Me and a friend found a door hidden in the ground.

We had to use a bit of force but we got the door open, it led to this chamber where there was a construction crew. They were telling us all about how they had to make a tunnel away from this evil castle thing. We went up a bit further, and through a window we observed that far in the distance was an underground castle floating on a large chunk of rock. It was apparently a very evil castle.
Us realizing how evil it is.

So naturally we had to go there. I don't remember how we got there, we went through some sort of pipe. While there though, it was wasn't so much a castle but more like a basement filled with unseen monsters. It's a dirty basement, brick walls and concrete / dirt floors. Spiderwebs everywhere...littered with things that I like dirtied in..the dirt =x (i.e, loli pantsu trampled on the ground. Always makes me so sad).

Don't remember much of what we did in this evil castle, but the dream ends with my friend telling me to run because he's turning into a zombie, so I did. I had to escape as I heard him painful transforming down the hall.

That's it =x
My dreams make me make that face sometimes..

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