Saturday, September 10, 2011

Entry #8, Finally remembered something..and it's good

Sorry I haven't updated all last week, I just simply haven't remembered any of the dreams I've had, or if I remembered small bits they weren't worth making a whole post about. I did remember last nights dream though and damn was it good. I'm starting to recognize a trend in my dreams, usually they have three main parts that may or may not be related. Maybe I'm remembering up to three dreams a night? Who knows. (You do have multiple dreams each night, one for each cycle).
inb4 the person who gave me this picture tells me I used this picture in the post..=x

Part 1
Me and two friends are going to see a horror movie, it's supposedly the scariest one EVAR and during the film some guy in the theater is supposed to murder random people with shards of glass. (Yeah I guess that would be scary...I don't wanna see this movie guys ;_;). The murderous man bares a resemblance to "The most dangerous man in the world" from a few entries back. Maybe there is a connection here? Who knows.

We spend a lot of time getting the proper tickets and all of that, the preshow starts and we learn it's a sequel to an earlier film that wasn't as scary. The guy murdering people with glass was at the first film, where he murdered people with glass.

The film we are watching, is a video tape of people watching the first film and getting murdered. It's like murder-cinema inception in here. I can see why it'd be very scary. "Oh shit! That guy was murdered! What if I'm going to end up like him??" I remember me and my friends made a point of sitting in seats FAR AWAY FROM THE AISLES, because the people in the aisle seats were the first to go.

Strangely enough, I don't remember if we got through the whole film.
Part 2
I'm in university. I've moved into one of the buildings, but not a dorm. It's "the student center". At my University this includes a cafeteria, a bunch of lounges and some other things. I've moved into a storage room type of thing, but it's been converted to be livable. I don't really know why I was there but I was researching something, and when I'm researching it's one of two things...lolis or computer science.

In this case I think it was computer science, because I'm a decent person who wouldn't dare research lolis at University. Anyway, people kept interrupting my research to ask me about the room and how I got there, how nice it was to live so close to everything...etc., it got a bit annoying.
Just let me research damn it!

Part 3
I'm driving around with someone, we're discussing jobs. I keep telling them they should move to Canada to find a job- "We'll live in Toronto, it'll be awesome and so cool", even though Toronto is actually only half-cool.

Suddenly the person in the car changes, it's some fat guy. He tells me to get a job at his company and how I need to work for them. I try to explain to him I've only just entered second year and I refuse to speak to anyone about jobs unless they believe I'm not entry-level. (I'm not. I have an entry-level position right now =/)

He says it's no problem and he'll contact someone, I begin to have second doubts and inform him I'd at least like to finish the semester. Then with all this worry in my head he'll start setting up interviews I may not want...the dream evaporates.

That's all for now =3


  1. >inb4 the person who gave me this picture tells me I used this picture in the post..=x


    >Maybe there is a connection here?

    Yes. You need to defeat him.

    >It's "the student center".

    ... I had a very similar occurrence in a dream a few weeks ago..

  2. >Maybe there is a connection here?

    It may be the embodiment of something going on in your life.

    The first dream sounds like a good idea for a horror film. Although, it would be watching a movie about people watching a movie of people watching a movie...