Saturday, September 3, 2011

Entry #7, More vacations, some confrontations with family...

I realized I don't have to put the date here because uh, the post does that automatically lol. The dreams in this post are a bit separate, but at the same time I have a feeling they all flowed into one another...bit hard to explain.
Let's get to it!
Part 1
I'm in bed talking with a certain person online, I can't go into much detail about what we discussed (or else I may get slapped). My mom is banging on the door and tells me to throw my laundry down the laundry chute. (Yeah we have one of those..big, old house..=x)

I get up out of bed and gather up my clothes to toss them down there, after I do I shut the door to the chute and it makes like a slight banging noise. My mom explodes at me.."You're messed up you know! All you concern yourself with is destruction and isolation!" I sort of make the okay face, accepting this outburst, but then I turn to her and I'm like "How in the hell am I being destructive?! I accidentally let the thing slam and you explode like this, you're the one creating conflict." She retorts "You need some stimulants or something". I'm like "wat", she explains "You spend all day sleeping and in your room, you need some stimulants and you also need to stop eating high-fat food."

Part 2
I'm in a big auditorium, there is some presentation going on- I'm there with multiple friends. My one friend is the "DJ" for the presentation, and his job involves making sure the video they play to everyone while they wait for things to start is cool and what not.

I'm glad my friend got a job.
Yotsuba riding a large cock always related?

Part 3
Probably the most interesting part of the dream for me. I'm with some people and we're going on a vacation to north-northern Ontario. You see...a huge amount of Canada is sparsely inhabited and really I think 90% of us have no clue what happens up there. I've looked on a map once, there are a few towns but none of them have more than 1000 people.

What the hell goes on up there? Well, if it's anything like the dream I wouldn't mind going for reals to check it out. We're going up there, and it's the middle of winter. (bad idea). I reminisce about how this is like Finland (I lived in Finland for 11 months, if you didn't know). We get to this town, they're leaving for the winter to go camp in the foresty/clearing type area. The reason is apparently some bugs will eat their crops if they stay there. (it was already winter tho, crops ain't growing yo. Dreams- why u no make sense??)

So we get walking, and all along the way there are just beautiful things. For example, we passed a small lake that had fish 2 - 3 meters long jumping out and preforming a sort of show for us. There were frogs the size of was really cool. Periodically I have dreams where the scenes are just awe-inspiring. I enjoy those ones.

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  1. >"You spend all day sleeping and in your room, you need some stimulants and you also need to stop eating high-fat food."

    Oh, mothers! When will they ever learn?

    Are you going to publish all of these dreams in a leather-bound deluxe coffee table book one day.